Obedience Training: PLACE Command

Place is a command used to indicate to your dog where you would like him to go and lie down. When on PLACE, your dog may get up and turn around but cannot leave the PLACE. The PLACE may be moved from room to room or outside (like on a deck) but must be rein-troduced after moving the PLACE.

Teach the PLACE Command

HEEL your dog across the object you have selected as the PLACE. This object may be a dog bed or fleece mat or a small carpet. When you are directly over top of the PLACE stop (your dog will SIT automatically) and give your dog the DOWN command. As your dog DOWNS, command PLACE and point. Praise your dog with “good PLACE.”

Advance the PLACE command by doing a DOWN in motion over the place object, and just as your dog DOWNS, command PLACE and praise. Next HEEL up to the place. Bend over and point to the place and command PLACE. Praise when your dog lies down on the place.

Reinforce the PLACE Command

If your dog leaves the place, lead him back, give a corrective NO, and re-command PLACE. Make sure you lead your dog back to the place before correcting him. Do not use the DOWN command to remind him of the position he should be in. If your dog has difficulty, perform more teaching exercises.