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This is a serious condition of the small intestine which results in a protein-losing enteropathy. Although rare in the dog it is said to be seen more commonly in Yorkshire Terriers () and as a hereditary disease in the Norwegian Lundehunds (). The aetiology is not known although a congenital (primary) or acquired (secondary) obstruction to the intestinal lymphatic drainage is implicated. Secondary cases may include right-sided heart failure, constrictive pericarditis, neoplastic or inflammatory obstructions to the lymphatics or granuloma formation of mesentric lymph nodes (). Most cases are frequently found to be secondary to chronic inflammatory bowel disease (). Gross dilation of the lacteals and deeper lymph vessels occurs and there is said to be reduced immunoglobulin A (IgA) levels and consequently more chance of secondary infection occurring (). Chyle leaks out of the dilated lacteals leading to a serious loss of plasma protein and thus hypoproteinaemia (). Clinical diagnosis The main symptoms observed are chronic diarrhoea associated with weight-loss and frequently subcutaneous oedema, ascites and hydrothorax due to hypoproteinaemia. The appetite may initially be intact but as the condition advances anorexia Read more […]