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History and Development The history of the Maltese, as the oldest European toy dog, can he traced back many centuries to the pre-Christian era. Since they originated in an area which early became civilized, few breeds have had so much written about them at so early a time. Callimachus the Elder (c 384-322 B.C.), Strabo (c 63 B.C.-A.D. 24), Pliny the Elder (23 b.c.-a.d. 79) and Martial (c a.d. 38-a.D. 104) all wrote of the qualities of the Maltese dogs, praising their beauty and intelligence, and they had by this time become “comforters” and pet dogs. It seems probable that they were exported through the ports of Malta and that their widespread dispersal in ancient times can be related to their being exchanged tor goods along the trade routes, and also to their having been made as gifts by visiting diplomatic mission’.. They were quite common in China and the Philippines, between whom there was much trade. Although it is generally believed that the first Maltese came to England during the early part of the 14th century, their popularity at the time of the Holy Roman Empire makes it likely that they were brought over during the Roman occupation of England, many centuries before William the Conqueror. Dogs of Read more […]

Chihuahua (Long-coat, Smooth-coat)

History and Development Chihuahuas arc the smallest members of the canine family. Contrary to popular belief, they are not Mexican in origin. They have existed, relatively unchanged, for hundreds of years, in the lands of the Mediterranean. Ten years before Columbus made his first voyage one was featured by Boticelli, in a fresco in the Sistine Chapel, Rome, the only dog to receive such recognition. Many modern, cream-colored Smooth Chihuahuas look remarkably like the dog in that painting. However, the show type specimen of today was developed in the U.S.A. They flourish on the island of Malta, where they are known as pocket-dogs (Kelb Ta But), and in England, well before 1850, British fanciers made a number of semi-successful attempts to establish them. Early English breeders stated that these “Maltese” terriers, as they called them, were used to refine several other small breeds before they submerged. When tourists, soon after 1850, found and purchased specimens from peons in the north Mexican state of Chihuahua, unsuspecting American breeders gave the dog its name and established it as a firm favorite in the U.S.A. They drew up a breed Standard and today it is one of the top popularity breeds, sixth among 116 Read more […]