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Bearded Collie

1 Breed in Brief Registries: AKC, UKC, CKC Occupation: Herder Size: 20 to 22 in tall; 40 to 60 lbs Longevity: 13 to 15 years Exercise: Active and playful Training: Easy to train; hard to keep focused Grooming: Difficult The Bearded Collie is one of England’s oldest breeds. In the past, the breed was also known as the Highland Collie or Mountain Collie; it is said to be an ancestor of the Australian Cattle Dog as well as other hard-working herding breeds. The Beardie stands 20 and 22 inches tall and weighs between 40 and 60 pounds. She has a broad skull, large dark eyes, and dropped ears. The body is strong but not heavy. The tail is long. The Beardie’s coat is her crowning glory; the outer coat is long, flat, and follows the line of the body. The undercoat is soft and close. All Beardies are born black, blue, brown, or fawn, and as the Beardie grows, the coat lightens. This lovely coat does need some care to keep it looking its best. It needs be brushed and combed at least every other day — daily if the dog runs and plays outside and gets wet or dirty. In the spring and fall when shedding is at its worst, daily brushing is needed. Many pet owners have the coat trimmed to a shorter length for ease of care. Beardies Read more […]

The faults and defects of the breeds: Herding Dogs

Australian Cattle Dogs OCD (osteochondrities dissecans) of the hock Australian Shepherds Hip dysplasia; Dwarfism; Spina bifida Bearded Collies Hip dysplasia Belgian Malinois Hip dysplasia Belgian Sheepdogs Hip dysplasia; Neoplaisa Belgian Tervurens Hip dysplasia; Thyroid disorders Border Collies OCD (osteochondrities dissecans); Hip dysplasia Bouviers des Flandres Elbow dysplasia; Hip dysplasia Briards Thyroid disorders; Hip dysplasia Cardigan Welsh Corgis Medial patella luxation Collies (Rough and Smooth) Dwarfism; Neoplasias German Shepherd Dogs Dwarfism; Panosteitis, shown as limb pain and intermittent lameness between the ages of 6 and 12 monts; Hip dysplasia; UAP (ununited anconeal process); Cartilagenous Exostosis; Pannus; Elbow dysplasia; Neoplasias; Thyroid disorders; OCD (osteochondrities dissecans); Degenerative myelopathy causes progressive hind limb paralysis in middle age to older dogs. Old English Sheepdogs Hip dysplasia; Wobblers syndrome Pembroke Welsh Corgis IVD (intervertebrate disk disease); Hip dysplasia; Swimmers syndrome Pulik Hip dysplasia Shetland Sheepdogs Hip dysplasia; Dwarfism; Thyroid disorders; Neoplasias; Muscular dystrophy Read more […]