The faults and defects of the breeds: Working Dogs

Akitas Juvenille polyarthrities causing incapacitating pain and fever; Hip dysplasia; Elbow dysplasia; Thyroid disorders
Alaskan Malamutes Hip dysplasia; Chondrodysplasia, a dwarfism associated with anemia that produces stunted growth in the forelegs, lateral deviation of the foot, carpal enlargement, bowing of forelegs, and a sloping topline; Polyneuropathy, an hereditary progressive muscle weakness
Bernese Mountain Dogs Hip dysplasia (very high incidence); Elbow dysplasia; Neoplasias
Boxers Neoplasias; Interverterbral disk degeneration Cardiomyopathy.
Bullmastiffs Hip dysplasia; Elbow dysplasia; Cervical vertebral malformation; UAP (ununited anconeal process)
Doberman Pinscher Wobblers syndrome; Polyostotic fibrous dysplasia (osteophytes and cysts form in distal metaphyses of ulna and radius); Neoplasias; Elbow dysplasia
Giant Schnauzers Hip dysplasia (high incidence); OCD (osteochondrities dissecans); Thyroid disorders
Great Danes Wobblers syndrome; Stockard’s paralysis (Preganglionic sympathetic degenration onset at about three months of age); Cervical calcinosis circumscripta; OCD (osteochondrities dissecans); Metabolic bone disease; Neoplasias; Elbow dysplasia; UAP (ununited anconeal process)
Great Pyrenees Hip dysplasia; Patella luxation; Swimmers syndrome (the inability to stand at four to six weeks of age); Brittle bone syndrome; UAP (ununited anconeal process)
Great Swiss Mountain Dogs Hip dysplasia; OCD (osteochondrities dissecans)
Komondorok Hip dysplasia
Kuvaszok Hip dysplasia
Mastiffs Hip dysplasia; Elbow dysplasia
Newfoundlands Hip dysplasia (high incidence); Elbow dysplasia; UAP (ununited anconeal process)
Portuguese Water Dogs Hip dysplasia
Rottweilers Hip dysplasia (high incidence); Elbow dysplasia OCD (osteochondrities dissecans); Muscular dystrophy
St Bernards Stockard’s paralysis; Neoplasias; Hip dysplasia (high incidence); Metabolic bone disease; Elbow dysplasia; OCD (osteochondrities dissecans); Wobblers syndrome.
Samoyeds Hip dysplasia; Dwarfism; Muscular dystrophy
Siberian Huskies Hip dysplasia
Standard Schnauzers Hip dysplasia; Thyroid disorders