The faults and defects of the breeds: Herding Dogs

Australian Cattle Dogs OCD (osteochondrities dissecans) of the hock
Australian Shepherds Hip dysplasia; Dwarfism; Spina bifida
Bearded Collies Hip dysplasia
Belgian Malinois Hip dysplasia
Belgian Sheepdogs Hip dysplasia; Neoplaisa
Belgian Tervurens Hip dysplasia; Thyroid disorders
Border Collies OCD (osteochondrities dissecans); Hip dysplasia
Bouviers des Flandres Elbow dysplasia; Hip dysplasia
Briards Thyroid disorders; Hip dysplasia
Cardigan Welsh Corgis Medial patella luxation
Collies (Rough and Smooth) Dwarfism; Neoplasias
German Shepherd Dogs Dwarfism; Panosteitis, shown as limb pain and intermittent lameness between the ages of 6 and 12 monts; Hip dysplasia; UAP (ununited anconeal process); Cartilagenous Exostosis; Pannus; Elbow dysplasia; Neoplasias; Thyroid disorders; OCD (osteochondrities dissecans); Degenerative myelopathy causes progressive hind limb paralysis in middle age to older dogs.
Old English Sheepdogs Hip dysplasia; Wobblers syndrome
Pembroke Welsh Corgis IVD (intervertebrate disk disease); Hip dysplasia; Swimmers syndrome
Pulik Hip dysplasia
Shetland Sheepdogs Hip dysplasia; Dwarfism; Thyroid disorders; Neoplasias; Muscular dystrophy