Vitamin Deficiency. Vomiting

Disease of Alimentary System

Vitamin Deficiency

Although this is unusual, one important group of vitamins, the B complex, is destroyed through overcooked food. Unless it is replaced with, for example brewer’s yeast, deficiency occurs as B vitamins cannot be stored in the body.The important vitamin B1(thiamin) is easily destroyed by heat as well as by an enzyme in raw fish. Deficiency of the vitamin causes loss of appetite, which worsens the situation, and a variety of neurological disorders may result. Adminstration of vitamin B by injuction rapidly reverses the situation, but an adequate diet must be given to prevent recurrence.

Vitamin A deficiency may result in growth deformities and is especially associated with serious eye problem. The chief source of the vitamin is animal liver and generally the probability of deficiency is low. A regular diet of properly formulated or prepared foods should prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencs.


Many dogs are careless feeders and frequently ingest potentially harmful materials. They also frequently over eat. In both instances they commonly and readily vomit, without much ill effect; unrestrained they may well eat the material again.They also eat fibrous grass as a prelude to vomiting, probably to give them something easier to return.

Vomiting should not be confused with regurgitation, which occurs in some bitches following stimulus from the puppies when they are hungry.

Persistent vomiting is a serious sign and needs further investigation, particularly if blood is present. Continuous vomiting, accompanied by diarrhoea, weakens a dog rapidly as it is depleted of nutrients and fluid. It may be an indication of infectious disease, such as Canine Parvovirus, the ingestion of noxious material, or the presence of a foreign body. Food should be withheld from a vomiting dog for half a day or so, and only small but frequent amounts of fluid, preferably with dissolved glucose, should be provided. Tiny amounts of easily digestible food may then be introduced, but if the dog continues to vomit, veterinary assistance is required.