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Outdoor Kennels

Most new owners will probably want to keep the pet dog indoors, but there is nothing against housing a dog outside provided that the kennel accommodation is draughtproof, has a source of warmth, and can be easily and properly cleaned. An outdoor kennel should preferably have a fun, fenced in securely from the rest of the garden and high enough to prevent the dog from jumping over it. Fresh water must be available at all times,and the kennel should have proper sleeping accommodation. Thick-coated breeds do not need thick bedding, but shorter-coated types will be grateful for a comforting blanket.However, most owners feel that a family dog should live in the house, where it can participate in family life and be better able to carry out the role of protector of the property.

Boarding Kennels

If the dog is to be excluded from the holiday it must be accommodated for the duration with a sympathetic friend or a boarding kennel. By law, boarding kennels in Britain must be licensed by the Local Authority. They are regularly inspected to see that they comply with the requirements of the Boarding Establishments Act, and in theory licensed premises should be satisfactory as regards to the hygiene, comfort, and safety. Even so, it is advisable to discuss potential holiday homes with other dog owners and listen to their experiences; the local veterinary surgeon usually has a list of kennels in the area, and while he will not recommend one at the expense of another, the mere fact that a name appears on the practice list can usually be taken as an inference that it is reasonable. Having made a choice of a boarding kennel, make an appointment to view it. If the kennel does not welcome such inspection, opt for another place which does. A properly run kennel will insist on an up-to-date certificate of the dog’s vaccination and will need information about particular diets, bitches coming into heat, or chronic infirmities and medications. A good boarding kennel can be invaluable and it will soon be apparent if the dog Read more […]