Canine Terminology – P Q

By | December 13, 2009
PACE A gait; two right feet on the ground and two left feet in the air followed by two left feet on the ground and two right feet in the air; in some breeds the ‘pace’ is acceptable.
PADDING Flapping; the front feet flap up (opposite of hackney action where the toe points downward); more common in short legged breeds, such as Dachshunds. Also hitting the pad on the ground prior to the normal full forward swing of the front leg.
PADDLING Moving the front legs like a canoe paddle motion; a rotary motion; when the front feet move forward they have a somewhat circular motion.
PADS Tough soft material on underside of dog’s feet; pads absorb shock.
PARTI-COLOUR A coat with patches of two or more colours; three colours are usually designated as tricoloured.
PASTERN The region between the wrist and toes on forelegs; pastern joint is at the wrist (carpus); down in pasterns is an excessive forward sloping pastern for the breed; knuckled over occurs when pastern joint bends forwards and the pastern slopes backwards.
PATELLA Kneecap.
PEAR-SHAPED Shaped like a pear; body of a Bulldog is pear shaped.
PELVIS Bone fused to spinal column at rear of dog; used to support hind legs.
PENCILING In Manchester Terriers the black line dividing the tan on the toes.
PENDULOUS Long and hanging as pendulous ears; like the pendulum (hanging); usually wide at bottom
PIED Piebald; parti-colored; large patches of two or more colours
PIGEON-BREASTED A short protruding breast bone.
PIGEON-TOED Toes turned in; toes pointing towards one another; toes turned in from the line of progress.
PIGMENTATION Dark pigmentation of nose and eyelids; ‘lacking pigment’ indicates light colour.
PINCER BITE Level bite; upper and lower incisors (front teeth) meet level; not a scissors bite.
PLUME Hair on tail as on Setters; a long fringe of hair hanging from tail; also applied to Pomeranian and Pekingese tails; a heavy coated tail carried over back.
POMPOM Pertains to Poodles; a round tuft of hair on the end of the tail produced by trimming.
POUNDING Feet (front) hitting the ground too hard
PRICK EAR An erect ear; usually pointed and erect.
PROFESSIONAL HANDLER A dog handler who shows other people’s dogs for a fee at dog shows.
PUPPY A dog under one year of age
PUT DOWN A dog put down (prepared) for the show ring, usually by trimming, combing, grooming and beautifying. A slang expression describing an unplaced dog; a dog is put down when it does not win a competition.
QUALITY A dog has quality; a refinement of appearance for the breed; not coarse.
QUARTERS Usually used as hindquarters or forequarters.