Canine Terminology – A

By | December 13, 2009
ACHILLES TENDON The large tendon extending to the oscalsis and formed by uniting small tendons of the lower thigh; muscles pulling on the achilles tendon straighten the hock.
ALBINO An animal born with deficiency of pigments in the skin, eyes and hair; eyes, nose and eye rims are pink. Hair is always white.
ALMOND EYES Eyes that appears shaped like almonds. The eyeball, of course, is round; it is the surrounding tissue that creates the almond shape.
ANGULATION The angle formed between leg bones (including shoulder blades and pelvis), particularly applicable to the stifle, hock and shoulder angulations.
APPLE-HEAD Roundness of top skull; like an apple. A Chihuahua has a well-rounded ‘apple dome’ skull, but several breeds call an apple head a fault.
ARCHED Applied to the neck, back or toes when arched; rounded upwards. Muscles or bones may form the arch. Arched loin (caused by muscles); arched toes (caused by bones); arched back (camel back).